Sway Bar Rate Charts And Graphs

 As a car goes around the race track, the link between the track’s surface and the chassis are the tires, springs and sway bars. The bars have a great deal to do with the car’s response, so the quality and consistency of the sway bars are essential to winning performance. Schroeder sway bars use only aircraft quality alloy steel to produce bars with better memory and consistancy than any other bar available. We employ unique CNC machinery to produce extremely accurate bars. The bars are polished then heat treated so the molecular integrity of the alloy steel is brought to its optimum level to achieve the ultimate sway bar. The surface finish is also critical. That is why Schroeder sway bars are polished to remove any surface imperfections that would cause a crack to generate. The bars are then coated with a special preservative and shipped in screw locked tubes for easy storage and protection. 


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                 7/8″ x 26″ Bar Chart                                    7/8″ x 26″ Rate Graph










            7/8″ x 28″ Bar Chart                                  7/8″ x 28″ Rate Graph










                7/8″ x 43″ Bar Chart                                  7/8″ x 43″ Rate Graph











                     1-1/4″ Bar Chart                                        1-1/2″ Bar Chart











                    1-3/4″ Bar Chart                                             2″ Bar Chart











                 2″ Plus Bar Chart